The former president of the Permanent Electoral Council and Minister of Justice, Josue Pierre Louis who was recently rejected by Belgium as  Haiti's ambassador to the Belgian Kingdom and to the European Union, partly for his involvement in the alleged rape of one of his colleagues back in November of 2012; has been designated by Haiti's Prime Minster Evans Paul as the primature's General Secretary.

The designation of the infamous Josue Pierre Louis in yet, another high profile official position has caused an uproar among women rights organisations in Haiti and abroad one more time; accusing President Michel Martelly and his prime minister of impunity.

No court in Haiti have bothered to shed the lights on the myriad of accusations against the former Minister of Justice. He has never been found guilty by a court of law nor have the rape charges against him been dismissed. 

The judge who presided over the trial, Joseph Jeudilien Fanfan excused himself from the case, after receiving threats from Josue Pierre Louis' brother, Ikenson Edume, who is also a judge; after imposing a travel ban on the former Minister of Justice.

The new judge that replaced Fanfan, Merlan Delabre, also excused himself from the case after a short period of time. No other judges has been appointed to take up the case since.
In a joint public declaration, two of Haiti's foremost women rights organisations, RNDDH and SOFA say that they were

 " ... amazed to see that the new government created in a context to restore public confidence in the institutions, only reinforces the mistrust with this new appointment.

Despite the calls by human rights organizations for the Haitian Government to rethink its nomination of the controversial Josue Pierre Louis as the new General Secretary of the Primature, Haiti's Prime Minister Evans Paul, stands by his nomination. In a series of tweets the prime minister Evans Paul said 

" Me Josue Pierre Louis is an integral part in Haiti's polical life."
" We wish that he succeeds and bring to the primature his knowledge and his talent as an administrator."

The refusal of the Haitian Government to withdraw the designation of Josue Pierre Louis as General Secretary despite all the unwanted international attention he brings on the Haitian government is extremely disturbing and proves one more time that this government is no different than all the corrupt ones before.

We join the voice of not only the rape victim, but all the human rights organisations calling on Haiti's president Michel Martelly and his prime minister Evans Paul, to withdraw the nomination of Josue Pierre Louis as the prime minister's general secretary.