In meeting with Venezuelan Foreign Minister, President Moise discussed difficulties of Haiti to make payment towards PetroCaribe due to US sanctions

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President Jovenel Moise on Friday met with the Chancellor of Venezuela, Jorge Arreaza, who made a stop in the Haitian Capital as part of his “Dignity Tour”.

According to Mr Arreaza,  during the lengthy meeting the pair were able to review “bilateral joint plans, PetroCaribe, the supply, the compensation of Petrocaribe, the importation by Venezuela of products from Haiti” and the political relations between the two countries “integrally.”

Venezuelan Minister of Foreign Affairs in Haiti, part of his" war of dignity for Latin American and Caribbean countries" [video]

Since October of last year, Haiti has stopped buying oil products from Venezuela due the economic sanctions imposed by the United States. The financial sanctions on Venezuela makes financial transactions between the two countries difficult to not say impossible.

Haiti, once one of the most faithful consumer of venezuelan oil, has not been able to make any payment towards its PetroCaribe debt which amounts to more than $2 billion.

In an interview with Le Nouvelliste on January 8th 2018, the Haitian Minister of Economy and Finance, Jude Alix Patrick Salomon, stressed that “ We can not pay, because the BRH (Bank of the Republic of Haiti) can not complete the transactions, citing the constrain of trading in US dollars with Venezuela, noting that " in this context, as a state, we make decisions by trying to comply with international decisions. "

Venezuela, plunged in a political and an economical crisis, has been feeling the squeeze of international sanctions, aim at forcing the government of Nicolas Maduro of organizing elections. 

The Venezuelan Minster lauded Haiti with compliments over its history and highlighted the deep historical ties between the two countries, all in an effort, it seems to sway or flatter the Haitian Republic into finding alternatives to making payments despite sanctions.

“The first Republic of our America was Haiti, and although capitalism has changed it. Here is Venezuela, here is PetroCaribe, here is Alba-TCP, always shaking hands with the sister Republic of Haiti and we are deeply proud to be in Port-au-Prince…”

He also thanked the cordiality and solidarity of the people and the Haitian government with Venezuela, at a time when it is attacked by the international extreme right and the American empire.

"He really has been very cordial always. Haiti for us is a mother not only since the time of Bolívar and Petión (...) President Nicolás Maduro himself has Haiti on its pedestal, " he said.

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