In less than 25 days, Haiti will see born the beginning of the process of one of the largest humanitarian disasters in its history. Two hundred and fifty thousand (250,000) are the estimated amount of people, Haitians and Dominicans of Haitian descent to be expelled from the Dominican Republic to Haiti from June. What is the position of the Haitian government and civil society on this situation? What do the NGOs and organizations of Human rights of the apocalyptic shadow that will befall the country in the coming months?

These 250,000 men, women and children are mostly legitimate son of the Dominican Republic who have never set their foot on Haitian soil. They are the typical product of Dominican society with their likely strengths but also their weaknesses, their vices and imperfections. Are they qualified professionals in the field of tourism, construction, education, economy, environment? Are they judges, doctors ...? A priori, the answer would be yes if not, they would be working to promote growth and economic and social development of the Dominican Republic. They would not be thrown with so much contempt like wild animals without parents and deprived of homes. So in the months to come, Haiti will receive an additional 250,000 unemployed, 250,000 additional homeless, additional liabilities 250,000 and 250,000 additional mouths will need to eat and who will do everything to get there. Here is the dark and macabre picture that looms on the horizon. Here is the nature of the humanitarian disaster looming on the eastern part of the island of Haiti.

Despite the grim and scary nature of the table, which draws the most natural under the indifferent eyes and lax attitude of the Haitian State and Haitian civil society. The news is much more dominated by the publication of the list of candidates for parliamentary elections, the challenge of some of the 70 presidential candidates, the battle to find relief ... well the elections. Like what, it is not concerned by this situation and that these 250,000 stateless persons will not be able to vent their anger and frustration on Haitian society. Also, despite the violent nature of this humanitarian disaster looming over the country,  no one is preparing in peace under the insensitive and complacent gaze of the international community, including the Office of the United Nations for Refugees (UNHCR) and other organizations that defend human rights. Like what, these 250,000 people are "Martians" and they are not concerned with Human Rights on Earth. Is it a choice or a strategy? Whatever! In both cases, the monster is coming soon. Strategies are necessary to receive or not to receive it. We must make a choice!

In the past and even today, Haiti receives Dominican Republic eggs, salami, chicken wings, pig ears, "Kenedi" ... for an annual amount of two billion US according to the latest numbers. Is that a pretty long list? Seems not, because through these 250,000 people, we still want to add other products including rapists, thieves, murderers and so on ... we really do need to get out of Haiti this precarious socio-economic situation which has been foreseen for a long time. Soon the answer, silence and indifference are not the best way to express it. The state must take responsibility and say what it wants for the country. Also, civil society and the Haitian political class must make their voices heard on this.