In 1983, Donald Trump sold an apartment to former Haitian dictator Jean Claude Duvalier for $446, 875

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While the US press continues its hard work to unravel the web of President Donald Trump's vast business empire around the world, Buzzfeed has published a lengthy report on the affairs of the President of the United States. The newspaper reviewed the sale of each Trump branded apartment in the US.

The newspaper claims to have provided the first comprehensive survey of how many of these sales were made to unidentified buyers who paid in cash, indicating possible money laundering. Records show that more than 1,300 Trump condominiums were purchased by front companies, allowing home buyers to protect their finances and identities, without mortgage, shielding buyers from lenders' demands.

Among the buyers, the deposed Haitian dictator Jean Claude Duvalier,  who died in 2014.

Jean Claude Duvalier and his cronies looted the Haitian treasury during his brutal 15 years in power; following his overthrow by a popular uprising in 1986, the governments that succeeded his regime tried to recover everything they could get from the millions stolen by Jean Claude Duvalier and his family, and that they hid in places unknown around the world.

Around 1988, the Haitian government lodged a complaint with the American authorities, claiming that the deposed dictator had laundered the treasury funds by buying the Trump Tower 54-K apartment for $ 446,875 in August 1983, using a secret Panamanian company called Lasa ; the young businessman of the time, Donald Trump, had signed the sales contract.

While businessman Donald Trump may not have known who Jean Claude Duvalier was at the time or whether the secret company belonged to him, given his recent scandalous remarks calling Haiti a "shit hole country", "he actually made money from that "shit hole"; he made money from one of Haiti's shitty leaders; basically proving why Haiti is a "shit hole" country today.

Read the full story on Buzzfeed here.

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