Hurricane Matthew caused $2 billion worth of damages in Haiti

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The devastating Hurricane Matthew earlier this month, has caused some $2 billion worth of damages in Haiti, the country to be the hardest hit by the storm, according to Haitian officials; in line with the estimation of the World Bank and the Inter American Development Bank which estimate the damages to be around 124 billion Haitian gourdes or 1.72 billion euros.

The agricultural and housing sectors of the economy have suffered the largest losses. $600 million each.

The southern region of Haiti, considered by many to be the breadbasket of the country, was probably the worst affected by the impact of winds of up to 145 mph and 3 foot of torrential rains. All the crops and 90% of the homes in that part of the country alone were destroyed as a result of the hurricane.

As of today, the official death count is at 546 people, but international news agencies relying on numbers provided by mayors and locals of small towns have put the number of death at over 900 while a United Nations report indicates that some 350.000 people have been displaced, and another 1.5 million plunged in food insecurity since.

Haiti is also expected to hold a presidential election on November 20. That election was initially suppose to take place on October 9, but was rescheduled in the wake of Matthew which has caused significant damages to 500 schools that were selected as voting centers. The biggest challenge now for election officials is to find new suitable voting sites.

A cholera outbreak has also emerged, over 1.300 people have been infected since the storm and over 50 have died from the waterborne illness. A massive vaccination against cholera campaign will start in November; financed by the United Nations, responsible for inadvertently introducing the disease in the country through its Nepalese peacekeepers. 

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