Between 250 and 260,000 illegal weapons circulating in Haiti, said the Director General of the National Police of Haiti (PNH), Godson Orélus this Tuesday, January 20, during a weapons destruction ceremony organized jointly and ammunition with MINUSTAH at the police academy on the road brothers.

On this occasion, 195 firearms and 137 accessories, and ammunition were destroyed, said Godson Orélus, adding that this initiative is part of the struggle for the reduction of violence.

The National Police received at the event, a weapons destruction machine offered by MINUSTAH. This machine has a capacity to destroy up to 500 guns a day, said Mr. Orélus, reiterating its determination to work for the reduction of violence in the country.

"This machine, worth $60.000 will contribute to the fight against the proliferation of illegal weapons obsolete or used to power the crimes in the country," said Police Commissioner of MINUSTAH, Serge Thériault.

Therriault further emphasized that the capacity of the National Police to control weapons is a major security issue, concluding on the need to strengthen national management and monitoring system of gun licenses.

Mr. Orélus welcomes the lowering of the insecurity in the country in recent times, despite the political problems, he said.