Haitian migrants make long rows on migration

Authorities and organizations in defense of migrants in Tijuana declared a humanitarian crisis Monday when about two thousand Haitian migrants arrived in the city from their long voyage through Central America with Brazil as point of departure, to get an appointment for humanitarian asylum in the United States, via California.

Thousands throng in the downtown area of ​​Tijuana where a module was installed to provide chips to record sales and disputes that arose. Police authorities of the three levels of government are in place to organize the desperate migrants.

Rosario Lozada, director of municipal migration office, who gives the chips, revealed that so far they have scheduled a thousand appointments. However, chaos reigns.

Volunteers, religious organisations, charities and human rights advocates are scrambling to find where to house the Haitian migrants who come from countries such as Brazil, Ecuador and Venezuela, and the difficulty to engage in dialogue with them as they speak French and Haitian Creole. 

Thousands of Haitian migrants since last year have made the perilous voyage, mostly on foot, in search of a better life in the United States. Hundreds have died in dangerous jungles. Last month, some ten migrants drowned in lake in Nicaragua made international headlines.