French President Francois Hollande promised to support Haiti's efforts to build a better future. He encouraged French economic players to increase investment in Haiti. If you can not change history we can change the future, said Mr Hollande wishing that a joint commission evaluates opportunities in all sectors including tourism and education.

The France will support the modernization of the Haitian education system, launched Hollande promised a special effort in teacher training. He promises the introduction of new technologies in schools.

Academically, Mr Hollande announced that a digital university program will be proposed to Haiti. At the same time he announces support for the sector of vocational training. The sectors of water, environment, renewable energy, tourism, culture can benefit from quality technicians. The Lycée Alexandre Dumas will be the pole of excellence in professional training, said Mr. Holland also announced the increase of scholarships awarded to young Haitians.

Culturally, President Hollande announced the construction of a new French institute on the site of the Manoir des Lauriers. This institute will help the diffusion of knowledge, knowledge and creations, he suggested.

In regard to the electoral process, Mr. Holland reiterated the support of France. Democracy is essential for development, said the French president considering that the forthcoming elections will be decisive. He will return to the Haitian people to define their destiny, it is you alone who will decide, he hammered want consensus among the political players.