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The election of Donald Trump as the new president of the United States have shocked and alarmed the rest of the world due to the many outrageous comments that he made during his campaign. The billionaire businessman's headlines grabbing statements took the media attention mostly away from many of his core messages of jobs creations, bringing manufacturing back to the United States, reining the US as the world's police, renegotiate the  "unfair  trade deals" that the United States have struck with countries around the world over the years...

These messages combined with his experience as a successful businessman, as well as his showman and TV personality propelled him as favorite among the disfranchise poor and middle class white voters, easily clearing his path to the most powerful office on the globe. The rest of the world who relied on the media, which micro focused on his crazy comments have missed the reason why his supporters backed him despite all the controversies.

Now reality has sets in; despite the worries Trump will soon be sworn in as the President of the United States and we all have to deal with him; at least for four years, and possibly eight, if he is elected for a second term. Leaders around the world are beginning to recalibrate their diplomacy towards the United States, for when President-elect Donald Trump takes office.

How about Haiti, what is our plan to carry a friendly and a mutually beneficial relationship with the United States under a Trump presidency?

President-elect Donald Trump during his campaign adopted many positions that are of great concerns to Haitian communities in the US; but he has also said many things that could contribute to a better relationship with the United States going forward.

Donald Trump deportation's stance of undocumented immigrants living in the U.S will have a direct impact on Haitians and an even more profound one on Haiti itself. The estimated 800.000 undocumented Haitian immigrants living in the US, and hundreds of thousands Haitian americans contribute nearly $1.5 billion to the Haitian economy annually in the form of remittance sent to relatives.

But, President-elect Trump's constant attack of his opponent, former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton for her corruption scandals in Haiti have resonated among Haitians, who don't like the  policies that she and her husband Bill Clinton, as president adopted in regards to their country. At least, now Haitians are relieve with the idea that the new American president will come in office with a perfect understanding and acknowledgement of the disastrous trade and foreign policies that his country has conducted with Haiti over the years. Some of which have crippled many of our key agricultural industries, such as rice. Now what remains to be seen is if President-elect Donald Trump will reverse these policies and if us Haitians are going to advocate for better deals with America.

The current Haitian administration has released a statement congratulating the American President-elect, and wished him success. But Haitian officials did not make any statements regarding how Haiti will conduct business with the US under his presidency; rightly so, as Haiti is currently headed by an interim president and a presidential election is due to take place Sunday.

So how about the presidential candidates? Jovenel Moise, Jude Celestin, Maryse Narcise, Moise Jean Charles; what are their positions on the Trump presidency as Haitians go to the polls Sunday.

All have released congratulatory statements but has not commented on Haiti-US bilateral relations. The United States is Haiti most important trading partner and one of its key strategic allies despite a few historical frictions that have characterized the relationships between the two oldest republics in the Americas.

Haitians are eager to do business with the United States, but not the kind of business that we had during the tenure of Hillary Clinton as US Secretary of Sate and her puppet president Michel Martelly, who sold Haitian interests, such as our gold mines under dubious deals with Hillary Clinton's brother, Tony Rodham for nothing concrete in return. What has become of that money by the way Michel Martelly? 

If we are to sell some of our most precious natural ressources, it has to be done responsibly. No problem, for example we will sell you a gold mine in exchange for a hydraulique dam, railroads, or highways,  air and sea ports, irrigation systems, universities, bridges etc... to rebuild our country and employ and educate our population. And that is where the appeal of Jovenel Moise as President of Haiti to work with the business oriented America under a Trump presidency comes in.

Jovenel Moise, just like the one who anointed him as presidential candidate, former president Michel Martelly, has made the opening of Haiti to international business investments one of his core message, and one of his main accomplishment has been the creation of a banana exporting business. For the first time in 54 years, his company Agritrans, returned Haiti on the map of Banana exporting countries. Throughout the long Haitian presidential campaign, Jovenel Moise has promised to "use the land, the soil, the sun and the people" to create jobs and feed the population of Haiti.

Obviously, if it wasn't for his connection to the corrupt and controversial government of Michel Martelly, perhaps Moise would have been the best presidential candidate. Jovenel Moise is an outsider, he wants to replicate the model of his successful agricultural entreprise throughout the country and Haitians are tired of old, dirty politics; the only thing they truly want are jobs, housings and education.

But since Jovenel Moise is not the perfect candidate, how do we make him the perfect candidate to be able to negotiate better deals for Haiti with America. Together with a responsible press we can stir him away from the cartels of former President Michel Martelly, provide him with the necessary guidance for him to succeed while keeping his government under intense scrutiny to make sure that the ressources of the country are not wasted and pillaged and the interests of the Haitian people are defended.

Whether we agree on politics or not at the end of the day what all we as Haitians want is better opportunities for ourselves to be able to rebuild our country ravaged by one natural disaster after another.

Even if Jovenel Moise is not elected president of Haiti in the next election, we should all be ready to work together for the benefit of Haiti.