The rusty electoral machines of Haiti are put into gear again, today some 6 million Haitians are summoned to the polls to elect their president and legislators in a much anticipated election, initially began on October 2015, but was cancelled due to fraud allegations and reported over five times since; the latest, in the aftermath of Hurricane Matthew six weeks ago.

As early as 6:00 AM, there were already long lines of citizens, identification cards in hands, patiently waiting to cast their ballots. As usual in Haiti, the voting centers opened about two hours late and three in some places.

Voters turn out in the country's two largest cities is very weak, mostly due to the grey weather in the capital Port-Prince  and rain in Cap-Haitian. But many people have not yet returned from church.

The interim president of Haiti, Jocelerme Privert, former president Michel Martelly and presidential candidates such as Jovenel Moise, have all casted their vote. 
The interim president shared on social media a picture of his inked thumb, while Jovenel Moise declared that he went to the poll as "private citizen fulfilling his duty."


Nearly three hours after the opening of the first voting centers, there are already many reports of irregularities.

There are reports of many voters lists that are being found at the wrong voting centers. For example voters lists for the northern city of Archaie, were found at voting centers in the southwestern city of Jeremie. And in Kenscoff, 6 police officers reported that they were unable to vote, because their names were not found on the voters' list. It is not yet clear how widespread is this problem.

Voting seems to be going the smoothest in the southeastern city of Jacmel, despite the rain since last night.

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