Haitians around the world take a pause on catastrophic earthquake's 8th anniversary, in the midst of international scandal

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Today, Haitians around the world are taking a pause to remember more than 200.000 people who died during a catastrophic earthquake eight years ago, in the midst of an international scandal, instigated by current American President, Donald Trump, after he referred to Haiti on the eve of the earthquake's 8th anniversary, as a "shithole country" during a meeting at the White House on immigration with lawmakers.

The contrast of the american government's sentiment, through Donald Trump towards this poor nation eight years after an unthinkable disaster, could not have been more stark.

Breaking News: Trump referred to Haiti as "shit hole country" during meeting this Thursday morning

Just eight years ago, american government agencies were mobolizing their medical, military and technical efforts to come to the help of the millions of Haitians affected by what remains the single most devasting catastrophe in the Western Hemisphere's history.  More than 200.000 horrifically lost their lives, an estimated equal number of injured and more than 1.5 milion made homeless. Today, Donald Trump as Presdient of the United States, on the anniversary transmitted the sentiment of the american people towards Haiti.

What Donald was basically saying, in unforgivably racist and unpresidential terms, was that Haiti has been a mess for hundreds of years, and that the United States and its citizens were getting tired of receiving its destituted masses. He is painfully speaking the truth.

Unfortunately for Us Haitians in Haiti and scattered around the globe, we can neither be obfuscated nor vexed. The irresponsibilities of those we have chosen over the years to represent us and work for our best interests, forever condemn us to remain complicit in the assassination of our country and the Humanity of the Haitian people on the international stage.

The only thing we can do henceforth is to continue to hold our head high, as we have done for centuries in the face of seemingly insurmontable challenges: Draw from the heart of suffering itself the means of inspiration, all the energies of our being, to bend anew for a supreme effort to ereadicate even the smallest vestige of what constitutes our degradation.

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