Haitian Senate postpones awaited vote on Petrocaribe corruption report

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Haïti-Pétrocaribe: report du vote, première défaite des Lavalasiens-enquêteurs

Lawmakers from the party of the Haitian President (PHTK) who make up the majority in the Senate, have yesterday postponed for November 30th, a vote on the recent report of mismanagement of the Petrocaribe funds, penned by the Senate's ethics commission.

The Senators contended that they will need at least two weeks to study this voluminous 686 pages report released last weekend, before they can begin their debate to decide if they should vote to endorse this document calling for the prosecution of many high figures from their own party and are very close to the President, Jovenel Moise.

During the four hours long debate, the chair of the commission, Evaliere Beauplan, distributed new copies of the document because of the changes made in recent days. However, he assures that they were material errors that do not alter the substance of the report.

"Millions of gourdes will be spent to bury billions of American dollars," said Senator Evalière Beauplan, as if to insinuate that elected officials will be bribed, just to kill the report and reduce, all of a sudden, all the possibilities of a PetroCaribe trial, like Petrobras in Brazil.

The President of the Senate, Yourie Latortue, who co-authored the final report, while he understands the demand of his colleagues for more time, said that it would be "more correct if the debates take place this week." 

"There is a commission that produces a report. This one can have weaknesses. But you have to use your strengths to start putting the country in order,
"said Youri Latortue.

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