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Haitian Prime Minister Enex Jean Charles calls on political actors to dialogue in order to foster a climate of peace in 2017. In his message on the occasion of the end of the year celebrations, the head of the government deplores the fact that the " Fratricidal struggles have slowed down the progress of the nation towards progress and modernity. The lack of consensus and dialogue between members of the political class has long invalidated the many positive initiatives that could have led the country beyond the borders of "backwardness", instability and anarchy ... , "He says.

The head of government has suggested that the culmination of the electoral process is his main concern. The priority of the hour is to save the elections as the one and only means of renewing political personnel, he said.

Considering that the nation is at a historic turning point, Jean Charles considers that the Haitians must realize that despite all political, ideological and socio-cultural differences, they share the territory together.

The Prime Minister also regrets the impact of the post-election crisis on the national economy. The post-electoral and political difficulties have not helped the Government to create the conditions to deal with this serious economic crisis, affecting the most vulnerable sections of the population. Despite a difficult economic situation, we thought of one-off measures to alleviate the suffering of the social strata most affected by this rapid deterioration in the terms of trade, said the Haitian Prime Minister.