To better appeal to undecided voters and involve the Haitian diaspora in the political life of the country, a second presidential debate will take place October 4th in the auditorium of North Miami Senior High School and will be broadcasted on Radio Television Caribbean (RTV) one of the leading Radio and TV station in Haiti, as well as other radio and streaming news channels.

For this second debate between ten (10) candidates, organized by the Friends of Haiti 2010, a non profit citizen organization, which bases its reflections on humanistic orientation objectives for concerted action and RTVC, the major themes will be particularly focused on integration of the diaspora in Haiti, the economy, national security and sustainable development.

Of the 54 qualified applicants, 10 were selected for the second round before a large audience in the auditorium of North Miami Senior High School. They will compete from 4:00 in the afternoon. This major debate will be led by senior journalists, Elizabeth and Patrick Guerin

When candidates will debate on various topics of national life, an opinion poll in real time, providing an indicator of the popularity of each candidate will be organized to better assess who would make a better president for Haiti.

"The signal of this debate will be made freely available news channels and radio stations upon request and wish to simultaneously broadcast the" guarantee the organizers who think the debate will accumulate over a million viewers.

Journalists from Haiti whose Valery Numa and the Diaspora Euvrard Saintamand will be in Florida this weekend around a host of other events around the 2015 elections.

A special version of the widely listened program "Ranmase" will be organized at the local restaurant of Café Moka Saturday, October 3rd ahead of the presidential debate.