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Haitian President Jocelerme Privert on Sunday urged Haiti's political actors to apply pardon and reach consensus to overcome the political crisis in the country that begun in 2015.

His preaching was part of the speech given on the occasion of the commemoration of the 213 anniversary of Haiti's independence, in which he lamented the recurring clashes over two centuries.

President Privert said that even after 213 years of independence the country faces a series of challenges and conflicts that had to be overcome since its founding in 1804.

"We are not yet able to feed our people, educate our children, provide health care to our partners and rebuild the infrastructure needed to develop the country", he recalled.

Interim President of Haiti since February 14 2016, Jocelerme Privert will soon hand over power to the new president of Haiti, Jovenel Moise, elected in last November 20th election.  Not without concerns however; the interim president 
confessed that his concerns about the future of the country are great.

However, he said, "I know that the tunnel's exit from poverty and instability is within reach of the citizens who grow up in this immortal homeland."

"What the country needs is reconciliation, consensus and dialogue to get society out of the underdevelopment routine " and recalled 'We are all Haiti'

He insisted that with humility every Haitian can make his contribution in the search for the solution and called on the political and economic actors to engage in a real dialogue.

Today I ask the people of Haiti to sit down together, to analyze, to listen to what is good for the country, because 2017 must be the year to walk in one direction, he said.

For the crisis to end, to overcome extreme instability, we have to be tolerant, he said and considered that we can have different positions but find good solutions for the country.

Privert lamented that under his administration foreign soldiers still remain in his country and called on all Haitians to act together to end that presence in the homeland.