Haitian President strongly condemns the sales of African migrants as slaves in Libya

Posted by hougansydney.com on Wednesday, November 22, 2017 Under: Human Rights
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A recent CNN report, accompanied with a video footage showing the sales of two African migrants as slaves for $400 each, during an auction in the North African Nation of Libya, has outraged many world leaders, including Haitian President Jovenel Moise who took to Twitter on Monday to strongly condemn what many see as a return to a very dark past.

"Our African origins and our past as liberators of oppressed peoples exhort us to condemn and act against the return to the chains that is being made in Libya. Haiti denounces with all its might racism and the return to slavery practices." Said President Moise in the Twitter post.

The president of the U.N. General Assembly also said on Twitter he was “appalled” by the reports of slave auctions, and the African Union has released a statement calling for an immediate end to the "despicable" practice.

Mass protest erupted outside the Libyan embassies in Paris and in African capitals including Bamako, Mali and Conakry, Guinea over the weekend and on Monday, according to local news reports. A protest is planned in London later this week.

Many were quick to criticize the President's statement because Haiti has Its own problem of human trafficking and modern day slavery which mostly affects children.  

More than 300.000 children in Haiti are currently enslaved as <<Restavèk>>

A form of modern day slavery where the child servants commonly known as Restavèk; they are usually sent to live with better off family members in exchange for small chores in the hope of getting a better life, and be sent to school; in reality however, the vast majority of these children are instead always subjugated to beatings, hard labors, and mental and sexual abuses.

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