Haitian President renews the mandate of about 50 judges suspected of corruption

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It is the President of the Republic who confesses. In a list of judges submitted to it by the Supreme Council of the Judiciary (CSPJ), suspicions of corruption weigh on about fifty of them. Nevertheless, the head of state was forced to approve the famous list. Jovenel Moïse made this confidence Tuesday night to hundreds of members of the Haitian community living in Paris.

"The CSPJ entrusted me with a list of judges, because you know that it is the President of the Republic who must sign, explained the Head of State. Since I had learned that there was vetting going on, I was waiting for the report before signing. From my sources, I learned that there were about 50 judges suspected of corruption. I waited for a month. It never reached me until today. It was on the radio that I learned that I did not want to publish the list of judges. This provoked a strike at the level of justice. I had no choice, I had to publish the list ... They are the same ones who make their own vetting. Kase fèy kouvri sa ... »(Break a leaf cover it up)

Thus the President of the Republic summarized the functioning of the Haitian justice. Despite the magnitude of such an anecdote, it caused a laugh in the audience. In what looks like an x-ray of the country, Jovenel Moïse talked about the country's various problems or the only problem in the country: corruption. Justice is not exempt, quite the opposite. The head of state was bitter against the Haitian judicial system. "The problems at the level of justice are very serious," says the President of the Republic, recalling that the judiciary is independent and therefore it can not interfere. "I am an institutional person," said Jovenel Moise.

The head of state wishes, despite everything, to see a better image of the judicial system. "The justice of a country should not be so because, as they say, justice breeds a nation," he says, asserting that innocent people are languishing in prison while those who should be incarcerated roam freely in their homes, the streets.

Acerbe to the report of the Senate Special Committee on the Management of PetroCaribe Funds, Jovenel Moise, who presents himself as a victim of the judiciary, said that some use their political position to persecute people. "We will not accept during our mandate that we persecute anyone," he said to his compatriots in Paris. We do not want anyone to use their political position to persecute people. It will not happen during my term. Whatever camp you belong to, whether you are Lavalas or Tèt Kale, Haiti belongs to us all. "

In his campaign formula: "The earth, the sun, water and the people " ... Jovenel Moise could have added "Jistis la". But if and only if the judiciary was perhaps not independent, as he says.

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