Haitian President launches new Police unit, POLIFRONT, to monitor border with Dominican Republic

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The head of state, in whistleblower mode, did not mince his words to shower smugglers. " Many people, many authorities, many big merchants, small merchants are smuggling." To hear Jovenel Moïse, the border is porous and deserves careful monitoring.

Hence the need for him to have a border police unit. This specialized body, says Jovenel Moïse, is important for the future of the country. "The state must enforce the country's customs code, fight against drug trafficking, weapons, human trafficking and other malicious acts. "

Jovenel Moïse urged the new agents to put their hands on the necks of outlaws regardless of their social level. "No one is above the law," he argues, before pointing to the lack of presence of the state in recent decades along the border. "They bought the border and do whatever they want," protested President Moise, telling what had happened in Belladère before individuals were released in Mirebalais.

For the Head of the Executive, $ 400 million of uncollected taxes on the border is a big deal. This money, he said, could help build 15,000 classrooms to educate the 10% of children not yet in school.

The President of the Republic believes that his administration needs 450 million dollars to get there. "The police is at the heart of efforts to improve the image of Haiti," said the head of state. The tenant of the national palace recognizes that the work of the police will not be accomplished without the support of justice, because the latter must condemn the guilty.

The Chief of Haiti's National Police (PNH), Michel-ange Gedeon, joins the head of state, pointing out that smuggling leads to a shortfall for the country.

"Haiti and the Dominican Republic share a border of 388 km. This common space is a source of great economic opportunity and a great threat to public security, "conceded the Chief of the PNH.

Michel-Ange Gédéon insists that the police institution must amplify its presence by obligation and prudence. The boss of the PNH explains that this unit will ensure, among other things, the surveillance and security of the four corners of official passages between the two countries sharing the island, especially a hundred other points that are more dangerous and more threatening for the security of the country. He reiterated his desire to curb the trafficking of thousands of girls and children on the border.

The chief of the national police also urges the new graduates who will be deployed on the four official points of the border to postpone the various offers that will be made to them. "You will not be at the border to dance bachata or meringue. You will fulfill a civic duty. The country must go ahead of fantasies and emotions, "warns the police chief.

This new specialized unit will be responsible for securing the border areas; prevent and suppress transnational organized crime; assist the administrative police as needed; collaborate with state institutions (customs and migration); support state agencies operating on the border; and cooperate with the Dominican Police as part of its mission.

The border line stretches 388 km from Fort-Liberté Bay (North-East) to Anse-à-Pitre in the Southeast. As if to prove the importance of this body for the country, the divisional commissioner, head of the POLIFRONT, recalls that the State is present at the official passages only during the hours of operations. "There are four official passages and 87 illegal crossings including 6 accessible by car and 51 accessible by motorcycle," said Marc Justin. This explains, according to the commissioner, that the border is so porous and facilitates criminal activity and smuggling. The latter, he said, threatens security in a multidimensional way because it allows armed gangs to obtain weapons and missiles.

After the graduation ceremony in the presence of officials and members of the diplomatic corps, the President of the Republic, accompanied by the Chief of the Primature and the Mayor of Tabarre, took the opportunity to inaugurate the headquarters of this new specialized body in Tabarre 44.

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