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Haitian President, Jovenel Moise, held a major press conference on the anniversary of his 1st year in office

Posted by hougansydney.com on Wednesday, February 7, 2018 Under: National

President Jovenel Moise held a long press conference on Tuesday, February 6th, 2018; the eve of the one year anniversary of his 5 years presidency, at the National Palace.

The President highlighted some of the accomplishments of his administration while making numerous promises for his remaining time in power. President Jovenel Moise also took the opportunity to answer many questions from the invited journalists; questions which touched on a wide range of subjects. From Identification cards, the economy, migration to even the allegations of money laundering that were made against the President before taking office as well as the hot button issu of the PetroCaribe corruption report, stalled in the Senate.

Hundreds of thousands of our compatriots in Haiti and around the world lack any form identification documents, this issue mostly affects rural Haitians and those migrated to the Dominican republic. “The country will soon be equipped with a new identification system, which will consists of a smart card with chips.” Promised the president who intends to provide each citizen with a form of ID by the time he leaves office.

“Each geographical department will have 100 kilometers of road per year”, announced the President behind a podium with a large collection of pictures of the work of his Caravan of Change initiative in the background. “Each departmental direction of the TPTC will be provided with heavy equipments of public works and they will be put in competition. Town halls will compete with each other.” Encouraged the President.

There also will soon be a modern management of sanitation and garbage collection in each municipality of the country, according to President Jovenel Moise, and when it comes to deforestation, the president wants it to be known that the Ministry of Environment is drafting a plan to build 14 mega nurseries throughout the country and peasants will be paid to plant trees.

The Haitian state will build classrooms for preschool. So far all preschools in the country are private, according to the President. The Haitian President intends to build 15.000 classrooms to fill the gap.

On the question of budget deficit and the quality of the cheap roads touted by the President, “the state will put its managers in confidence to put them to work. The state has the best framework in the field of road construction and this has allowed to drastically lower the cost, explained the President who said he wants to triple the yield of the state. 

"The road Cayes-Jeremie has already cost after 9 years 300 million US dollars. Made by the private and the state. Carrefour Joffre- Port-de-Paix of the same length but made by the Haitian State will cost 30 million dollars, announced proudly the President.

The Haitian State has not yet signed an agreement with the International Monetary Fund, agrees President Moise, without announcing any timetable. President Moise also regrets that international partners have not yet made disbursements for Haiti. The President has lately been very critical of the management of funds of the international community, which according to President Moise, are not spent on priorities elaborated by the Haitian government.

Hundreds of thousands of young Haitians, each year are leaving Haiti for Latin America, mainly for Chile, Brazil, Mexico the Dominican Republic in search of work and education. The conditions which these migrants have finds themselves in their host countries, are often barely better than the ones they left in Haiti.

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“What can be done so that young people do not leave and find work here?” Questioned a journalist from Tele Guinen who also wanted to know more about the President’s fight against corruption. 

"So that young people do not leave, we have to create hope and that's what we want to do", Said Jovenel Moise, who missed the opportunity to assured the youths of Haiti that his administration was working hard to create job and build more universities.

“Corruption is everywhere. We must fight it. Haiti saves more than $90 million a year fighting corruption. 27 people are in prison. There is an ongoing fight against corruption," said the president, without naming  any of the alleged prisoners “ but no political persecution, he explained further, referencing without clearly saying it, the Petrocaribe corruption report penned by the Senate ethic commission late last year, which accused a number of former and current officials of squandering and embezzling more than $2 billion of the Petrocaribe funds, meant to finance social projects. The President has rejected the report as a political witch hunt. 

“No one will be persecuted during my term” assured the President, explaining that it is "up to the court of auditors to evaluate and judge the management of Ministers.”  Adding  that "we have to prevent corruption, fight against corruption, it is to fight against a system; the fight against corruption
 is transnational.”

When it came to the money laundering accusations that were made against Jovenel Moise as President-elect by the governmental agency UCREF, the president continues to maintain that the bank account in question was in Haitian gourdes not in US dollars, as alleged in the official UCREF’s report. 

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 "I have a clear conscience, I'm waiting for justice, I have a gourde account in a bank, today I'm told that I have a dollar account, I'm waiting for explanation” said the Jovenel Moise on his troubles with the law before being elected president.

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