Moise at the Little Haiti Cultural Center in Miami, posing with a member of the Haitian community.

Haitian President Jovenel Moise has upset the Haitian community in Miami during his recent trip there, after he abruptly cancelled his Friday scheduled meeting with some 25 Haitians who currently benefit from the Temporary Protected Status in the United States.

President Moise was suppose to meet with the group before his larger meeting at the Little Haiti Cultural Center in Miami to answer their questions, but the meeting was cancelled last minutes without explanation.

The Haitian community in Miami feels that President Jovenel Moise has not personally done enough to convince american officials from extending the special status granted to them following a catastrophic earthquake in Haiti in 2010. Evica, one of the people who was expecting to talk to the President said that President Moise during his recent meeting with the American Vice-president Mike Pence, on the sidelines of an economic summit in Miami, did not address the special migratory status, discussing instead other things.

President Moise and US Vice-President Mike Pence met on sidelines of Investment Summit

Last month, the Haitian ambassador to the United States, Paul Altidor also informed american officials that the Haitian government was relatively satisfied with the short term six months extension of the TPS, despite the pleas of many humanitarian organizations as well as american lawmakers to extend the status for 18 months, because Haiti has still not fully recover from either the earthquake nor Hurricane Matthew which wreck havoc in the country's southern Peninsula last October.

Haitian Ambassador to the US said that Haitian government is satisfied with the 6 months TPS extension

58.000 Haitians currently are the beneficiaries of the Temporary Protect Status; during a short visit to Haiti earlier this month, US Secretary of Homeland Security John Kelly, said that the program was meant to be temporary and has been extended several times since its implementation in 2010, and that the six months extension was just to give Haitians enough time to sort their affairs so they can leave voluntarily or be forcibly removed.

"The important word in the law is the temporary word, it is not supposed to be an indefinite but temporary law,"  said John Kelly while he was sitting next to President Moise at the National Palace.

US Secretary of Homeland Security discussed migration with President Moise during short visit in Haiti