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Consultations are continuing between the Head of State and the Presidents of both Houses in view of the appointment of the next Prime Minister.

At least three names are under discussion, according to a source close to the National Palace.

The next head of government will have to be up to the challenges to be met supports the head of state. Jovenel Moise recalled that the choice should be made in calm and serenity.

The process of appointing a Haitian prime minister has been simplified by constitutional amendments explains Senator Joseph Lambert.

The elected representative of the South recalled that the head of state was obliged to consult the presidents of both houses in the absence of a majority in parliament and then to appoint his prime minister, who would then have to obtain a vote of confidence from both chambers.

If President Moises follows this procedure, the risk of failure is low, said Senator Lambert, who spoke during the morning show of Radio Tele Metropole.

Negotiations leading to the appointment of the Prime Minister may nevertheless be the subject of bargaining, according to Senator Lambert, who considers that this is not necessarily harmful for the citizens.

Jovenel Moise must conduct the negotiations as quickly as possible without neglecting vital sectors of the country's judge Joseph Lambert.

Wilson Laleau, former Minister of Finance under the Michel Martelly administration and whose name was floated as the possible next Prime Minister, has been chosen as the President's cabinet chief.