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Haitian President Jovenel Moise, is back home this Friday from his two days trip in Georgetown, Guyana, with his wife, where he represented Haiti at the 28th Summit of the CARICOM.

Speaking to reporters at the Toussaint Louverture international airport, in Port-au-Prince, President Moise said that he was very satisfied with the work meetings he had with his Caribbean counterparts in the capital city of Georgetown.

The President hopes to deepen the relationships between Haiti and Guyana; a country which Haiti can learn a lot from, especially in the area of reforestation according to the President, because 97% of Guyana is forested. Haiti's forest coverage is less than 5%. Jovenel Moise also discussed with the Guyanan President David A. Granger his desire for the two countries to deploy an honorary consul in each other's capital.

President Moise said that he presented a very important idea during the summit, which he thinks would benefit all 15 member countries of the regional organization. A common insurance fund for the unexpected, such as natural disasters. The President said that this was very important to Haiti, recurrently plagued by natural disasters at a greater level than its Caribbean neighbors.
The President said that "you cannot be in a situation when a natural disaster strikes and an insurance company cannot assume 25% of the damage costs."

Citing as prime example, the devastating situation of the Grande Anse Department of Haiti, which was severely hit by last October's Hurricane Matthew.