Following a string of great violence by protesters asking for the depart of President Martelly, in recent weeks, leaving hundreds of governmental and private cars, city buses, residences and public structures vandalized. On February 7th, 25th anniversary of the overthrown of former dictator, defunct Jean Claude Duvalier,tens of thousands took the streets in the capital city Port-au-Prince most protests ended with protesters trowing rocks at the police and the police using tears gas, plastic bullets and live munition to disperse them.

An imposing security apparatus was visible in the main streets of the Haitian capital on Monday on the occasion of the strike carried out by the radical opposition. Fixed and mobile patrols were deployed to Port-au-Prince, Petionville, Delmas, Carrefour and La Plaine du Cul de sac particular. The police have struggled to remove the barricades stored by the demonstrators.

At the intersection of Route de l'aéoport and the district of Delmas police were deployed on all the main highways. Heavy fire from automatic weapons were heard before the arrival of the police, revealed residents. The police removed barricades including those at the Poupelard Avenue, Delmas 40 and Plaine du Cul de sac.

One of the Delmas police patrols was filled with tires which police had recovered to prevent their usage as barricades by demonstrators.

Mobile patrols of the Corp for Intervention and Maintenance of Order (Cimo) were noticed in Delmas.

The deployment of security forces was announced by Prime Minister Paul Evans Saturday. He said the police must guarantee the security of citizens wishing to go about their business.

The various police stations and police units were deployed agents in the boarding areas of tap tap and areas known for acts of violence.