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Haitian lawmakers do not rule out the possibility of amending the extradition agreement of October 7, 1997 with the United States. The President of the Chamber of Deputies, Cholzer Chancy, argued that the two branches of Parliament must, by a majority of their members, approve the amendment to be effective.

The file will be debated in the sitting in of both chambers, Chancy predicts, explaining that public opinion will be informed of the position of the legislators on this extradition agreement initialed between the Haitian president Rene Preval and US Secretary of State Madeleine Albright.

Mr. Chancy, however, did not comment on the arrest and extradition of Guy Philippe, arguing that an official position of the lower house is necessary.

However, he revealed that parliamentarians have had an interview with the director of the judicial police a few hours after the arrest of Mr. Philippe. " We have not seen the warrant, but we have been told that the case is being handled by the Brigade for the Fight against Trafficking in Narcotic Drugs (BLTS), " Chancy said.

Senate Speaker Ronald Lareche also had a meeting with the Director of the Judicial Police.

Haitian parliamentarians should decide in the next few days on the case of the extradition of elected Senator Guy Philippe. After the session in national assembly for the opening of the legislative year, parliamentarians will elect their new leaders to the Chamber of Deputies and the Senate.

With a majority in both chambers, the PHTK and its allies will take control of the Haitian Parliament.

The President of the Lower House argued that Parliament should take over Mr Philippe's file. "With his certificate of election Mr. Philippe is under the responsibility of the Senate, Mr. Chancy argued. The director of the DCPJ, Raoul Normil, explained to us that he carried out a mandate under the orders of the Minister of Justice and the Chief of Police, reports the member for Ennery.