Haitian Parliament dismantled due to political gridlock, Martelly begins ruling Haiti by decree

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No attempt to hold the National Assembly session postponed yesterday by Simon Dieuseul Desras took place this January 12, found Haiti Press Network. The presence of two or three deputies and senators were observed, up to 2 hours of the afternoon, the President of the Senate was not at the parliament.

At the main entrance of the building, police officers (CIMO) guard stood.

Small groups of journalists and administration employees went there to comment on the existence or non-existence of the parliament, the second Monday of January.

The second pass, the minutes pass, the hours tick by, journalists lose hope, and engage in discussions.

Asking the question: How have the country come to this impasse?

To each his answer to each his understanding of the standoff which lasted a long time between the executive and parliament.

In short, everyone's opinion on the attitude of senators close to the power that shunned the last meeting of Sunday, January 11, which could have facilitated the maintenance of Parliament.

To remove any doubt in the minds of journalists, from a member of the Senate Communications Department, we learned that since Sunday night, these senators exchanged handshakes, said goodbye.

The 49th Legislature leaves without re-entry based on the 50th ... The President Michel Martelly that bears a heavy responsibility for not having organized the elections for 3 years, will see the dysfunction of parliament.

10 senators are all the same by post, their actions controlling power of the executive is totally zero.

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