Haitian officials refuse to open border with Dominican Republic to allow bi-national market

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Despite the decision of Dominican officials to reopen the border market, after more than a month of closure, mostly due to the recent tensions between Haitians and dominicans, commercial authorities were frustrated Friday by the refusal of the mayor of the Haitian community of Anse-a-Pitre, Harry Bruno to not allow his countrymen to attend the Market.

In the morning of Friday, April 6, the mayor of Pedernales, Luis Manuel Féliz Matos and regional merchants representatives appeared to the surroundings of the bilateral market in the hope that the mayor of the Haitian city, Harry Bruno, would attend a preliminary meeting to allow the reopening , but he did not attend and sent an emissary to arrange to meet in a private place, where he did not attend either.

The mayor of Pedernales said that the refusal of his counterpart of Anse-a-Pitre is to pressure Haitian buyers to not go to the market and shop at Pedernales, and ultimately cancel the established binational market on Mondays and Fridays.  Last week the mayor suggested the President Danilo Medina declares an emergency, due the degenerating economic activities at the border market, the lifeblood of the Pedernales community. 

The Dominican city of Pedernales faces the worst economic crisis in Its history, after massive departure of Haitians due to Dominicans' threats

Feliz Matos reiterated that the reopening of the border trade is guaranteed, by virtue of the fact that they have sent correspondences to Haitian officials which assure the safety of Haitian nationals. 

 In the wake of the murder of the spouses Julio Reyes Pérez Matos and Neida Féliz Urbaez, murdered in the past month by two Haitians who  escaped to Haiti, Dominicans threatened and indeed have forced many haitians out of their homes in Pedernales in retaliation.

This morning, Haitian police posted at the border made it clear to their compatriots to not attend the market or cross Pedernales, a situation that for Mayor Luis Manuel Felix Matos, becomes a refusal of the Haitian authorities, to acquire any products in the trade.

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