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The government commissioner Danton Leger has been transferred from Haiti's capital to a far smaller city shortly following his prohibition of an LGBT festival that was due to take place in the country this past Tuesday.

Haiti's justice ministry said the jurisdiction of Commissioner Jean Danton Leger has been moved from Port-au-Prince to the quiet southern coast town of Jacmel.

Authorities didn't provide a reason for the transfer. But it was announced a day after Leger issued an order to stop Port-au-Prince's cultural festival highlighting homophobia and celebrating Afro-Caribbean LGBTQ,  to protect Haiti's "moral and social'' values. Many human rights organisations an regular citizens strongly came out against the homophobic decisions of Danton Leger and had called on the government to take the appropriate measures against him for inciting violence against a public event.

Organizers say the event had to be postponed indefinitely due to the numerous threats of violence that they received on the eve of the festival and the prohibition by the government commissioner.

Danton Leger was not the only high ranking Haitian officials to strongly condemn the festival, he was joined by Senator Jean Renel Senatus, who viewed the event as a promotion of immorality across all countries.