Haitian Minister of Justice learned about his firing on social media, while on official trip abroad

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The pressure of lawmakers on President Jovenel Moise and Prime Minister Jack Guy Lafontant to reshuffle the government within 72 hours, or face impeachment proceedings was so great, that Heidi Fortune, the Minister of Justice, still on an official trip abroad, was fired by the Prime Minister, on Live TV Monday night, without any prior warnings.

President Moise and Prime minister Lafontant, caved in to lawmakers pressure and reshuffled government

Mr Fortune learned about his firing on social media: "It has been an honor for me to serve the Republic and to be able to work with you at the highest level. I leave in all dignity with the proud head and my character of warrior. Other fights and other challenges await me. I will always remain true to my convictions and my ideals of justice. I continue my way. God bless Haiti." He said in a note, when contacted about the decision of the Prime Minister to let him go in such a public and humiliating way.

Many foresaw his departure however, according to Senator, Nenel Cassy, he was one of the staunchest fighters against corruption in this administration and lawmakers wanted him gone.

Mr Fortune is replaced by Jean Roody Aly, former General Director of the Ministry of Justice under the Michel Martelly presidency.

The executive, first pushed back against the demands of lawmakers, saying that it doesn't take order from anyone; after the firing it is now pushing back against the idea that these shake ups at the highest level of government were due to pressures of lawmakers. 
"The cabinet reshuffle is done because it had to be done. It arrives in time "," The president doesn't receive lessons from anyone except the sovereign people, " said Renald Luberice, Secretary General of the Coucil of Ministers. 

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