Haitian migrants in Dominican Republic face new threats of expulsion, this time, over the alleged kidnapping of a Dominican Driver in Haiti

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Haitian immigrants living in the Dominican Republic, are facing new threats of expulsion from Dominicans, this time, over the alleged kidnapping of a Dominican driver in Haiti a week ago.

Dominican Police is looking for a man who was allegedly kidnapped in Haiti

Neighborhood boards, clubs associations and unions of merchants; hundreds of people, on Wednesday, took to the street in Puerto Plata, to demand the return of Martinez Arias, who has been missing for a week since he was hired to transport a group of religious missionaries to Haiti. The protesters urged Dominican authorities to locate the men alive as soon as possible, or they will start to forcefully removed all Haitian nationals living in town.

This is the second time so far this year, that Haitians living in the neighboring country, have find themselves the subject of reprisals from Dominicans, due to alleged crimes committed by a compatriot.

Dominican President declares emergency in Pedernales and dispatches troops to protect Haitians from threats of Domicans who want them out within 24hrs

Last month, following the murder of a Dominican couple in the city of Pedernales, blamed on two Haitian brothers who then fled back to their homeland, violence erupted as Dominicans started to forcefully removed Haitians from their homes, their places of work etc… the Dominican President Danilo Medina had to declare an emergency and deployed special police forces to deal with the situation.

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