Sterlin Fétière, a 33 years old Haitian migrant was killed from multiple stab wounds on October 17, 2015, by a group of young people in Navegantes, a Brazilian city of the state of Santa Catarina located in the south of Brazil.

According to the GARR, the killing occurred when Sterlin Fétière was returning from a party, accompanied by his wife, Vanessa Nery Pantoja, a Brazilian national. He was attacked and cowardly murdered by a group of Brazilian young people because of the color of his skin.

"It was around midnight when my husband and I were returning from a party which, unfortunately, has not occurred. Along the way, we stopped to chat with friends. Suddenly three young Brazilians arrived on bicycle and began by insulting my husband with racist remarks "Said Vanessa Nery Pantoja.

The young Haitian migrant has responded with provocative. This did not please his attackers who had gone in search of other companions. On their return, they numbered 10. Armed with knives, hammers and sticks, they Sterlin, dragged him down  the street where they horrifically murdered him.

"They left with my husband. When I returned a few minutes later, he was covered in blood. He had wounds in different parts of the body. "Said Ms. Nery Pantoja.
The wife of the victim described as barbaric and inhuman  this heinous crime perpetrated against her husband. She took the opportunity to denounce the discriminatory attitudes which Haitian migrants are often victims of  on Brazilian soil.

"Some Brazilians spend their time verbally assaulting Haitian nationals. There are some who are victims of discrimination. Such is the case of my daughter who is of Brazilian nationality. Because she is black and lives among Haitians, she is often perceived as a Haitian national and exposed to all sorts of insults. "she complained.

Since the earthquake of January 2010 that ravaged Haiti, about 70,000 Haitians have left their country to settle in Brazil. In Navegantes which is a coastal city, there are around 250 Haitian migrants. They are engaged in the sector of shipbuilding and construction.