Breaking News: Haitian man found beaten and hanged to a tree in the Dominican Republic.

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The murdered man, Jean Claude Jean Harry, was a "Shoe shiner known and appreciated in his neighborhood in Santiago," said Garr, who said he learned with dismay the murder of this nice man.

According to Zopete Marino, an influential Dominican journalist, this crime is a clear message and the result of anti-Haitian campaign by well-known sectors. "Neither the Dominican government nor the police will make us swallow this salad," he said infuriated.

This ignominy has been committed in a context where Haitian and Dominican authorities are trying to regularize Haitian immigrants in the Dominican Republic through their PIDIH / NWRP program. The deadline for born-Dominicans of undocumented Haitian migrants to get legal documentation to stay in the country that they were born in, since 2013, when the Dominican Supreme Court retroactively applied a law to as far back as 1929.

Such blatant discriminatory decision of the Dominican Republic's supreme court had set up an international alarm, forcing dozens of international human rights groups including the United Nations, and countries across the Americas and beyond to come out against the high court decision, CARICOM the Caribbean Community have taken sanction measures against Haiti's neighbor.

The hanging of the man of Haitian origin is expanding the list of Haitian nationals victims repeatedly in the Dominican Republic in barbarous ways.

Among the most recent cases of violence recorded against Haitians in the neighboring territory include the burglary of the residence of the Ambassador of Haiti or the trampling and burning of Haitian flags during many parade group of Dominican civilians continue to prove Dominicans hostility towards Haitian immigrants in their country.

This murder too also adds to the constant humiliation and mass deportation of Haitian migrants which is the objective of Dominican authorities, especially since the famous stop TC 168-13.

Over 50.000 Haitians have been deported to Haiti last month.

I have spoken with Rocher, he had been living int he Dominican Republic for 10 years, since he was 13 years old, one day while walking back from the super market, he noticed that he was being slowly followed by police cars, which quickly turn into a full speed chasing, he lost his shoes while running. He eventually got captured, put in a police car and taken straight across the other side of the border; with dirty clothes, barefooted, bloodied and not a dime in his pocket. His family lives in Port-au-Prince and Bainet, hundreds of miles away from where he got kicked out.

The local Haitians of this border community in Ouanaminthe are getting used to these newcomers, they have open up their homes, feed them and give them all the assistance they can to get to their families. But these locals are already very poor, many have called on the Haitian government for assistance as the number of undocumented Dominicans and Haitians are continued to be dumped across the border.

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