Seven employees of Haiti's National Radio and Television (RTNH), including two journalists has denounced in an open letter to the Minister of Women Conditions, acts of repeated sexual harassment from the head of the institution, on November 28th 2014. 
In the flaming letter, they accused the director of " using his status of general director to persecute, humiliate and make into a thing all or nearly all women working at the RTNH who have refused to have sexual relations with him. 
Following the publication of the letter, all seven employees of the radio-tv station have been demised of their functions for " defamation, insubordination, and grave attempt at the image of the RTNH and that of the general director."
Many international women rights and journalists defense groups have come out against the retaliation by the station against these employees, including  the Association of Haitian Journalists and Reporters Without Borders, which the representative in the Americas, Claire Filippo, has released a statement condemning the firing of the journalists.

"Reporters Without Borders is alarmed at the grave allegations by the employees of the Radio Television Nationale d'Haiti and urges authorities to diligently conduct an independent, impartial, and deep investigation. Haitian women journalists must be able to exercise their job in a safe environment, free of all discrimination and violence."

The President of the National Association of Haitian Journalist, Lilliane Pierre Paul saluted the courage of the women in her statement where she said : 
"The cases of mental and sexual abuses of women journalists in Haiti are probably much higher, but most are not exposed and women are suffering from these abuses in silence. Publicly denouncing this problem is a courageous act that could motivate other women to come forward so these don't happen again."