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Minister of Home Affairs of Haiti, Francois Anick Joseph, strongly condemned the death of a teenager during a distribution of food last Tuesday in the southwest city of Les Cayes, one of the areas hardest hit by hurricane Matthew, the 4th of last October.

"These actions are unacceptable, we can not worsen the situation of the victims as well, we must do everything possible to give justice to the family of the teenager and better protect the distribution of aid," the official said in a statement.

Flerinord Frantz, 14, was the victim of the incident, according to officials.

"The police killed my son who was in the area where there was a distribution; my child is a teenager who should be on my side, not in the morgue," said Marie Clermontis Clausette, the inconsolable mother of the murdered teenager.

The woman said the situation was difficult in the area before the hurricane, although she admitted that at the moment the picture is of utter despair.

"I'm a single mother with six children, it is unacceptable that these things happen. I understand that you have to bring order, but not killing people for food;. I demand that the authorities make an arrest and do justice in my case, as soon as possible" she added.

The situation is not yet stable in Les Cayes, where dozens of people gathered at the place where the young boy died, with signs and candles, protesting for justice for the teenager.

"For now things are calm because the police promised that the agent who committed the act will be held accountable, but if there is no justice, we will block the entire city in the coming days," said Louis Yguel, cousin of the victim.

Flerinord was the second victim for deliveries of humanitarian aid in Haiti.

According to the World Food Programme (WFP), the Government of Haiti and the FAO, the situation is particularly serious in the south coast, where the hurricane Matthew made landfall.