Haitian Prime Minister, Paul Evans, met last Thursday with several representatives of the international community on the election financing folder.

The Haitian government reveals that 50% of financial resources for the organization of municipal, parliamentary and presidential ballot still have not been mobilized.

The representatives of donor countries of the electoral process including members of the Core Group ambassadors were present at this meeting. The Prime Minister has not provided details of the decisions adopted at the work session.

The Minister of Information, Rothchild Francois Junior, said last week that the government has disbursed $ 13 million that was paid in the "basket fund" managed by the United Nations Development Program (UNDP). At the same time he indicates that 500 million gourdes were mobilized in the budget to fund political parties during the election campaign.

Prime Minister Paul Evans wants to harmonize the election financing budget with the electoral calendar. At the same time the government authorities are urging the Electoral Council to revise down the budget of $ 60 million.

The implementation of a security plan for the elections in the context of withdrawal of troops of MINUSTAH in 6 regions was also discussed at the meeting.

During exchanges Paul has guaranteed that no change will disrupt the smooth running of the electoral process already underway. "The most important for us in government is to have legitimate authorities in early 2016, according to the constitutional dates and deadlines, with the aim of producing a steady political climate conducive to the improvement of living conditions of the population, "assured the Prime Minister of Haiti.