Haitian government hands over 1 million gourdes to each Senator and Deputy for the Easter Holiday

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The Haitian government has handed over a check of 1 million Haitian gourdes or $15.400 to each Senator and Deputy for the Easter holidays, to fund the good deeds of elected officials to their constituents during the Holy Week. 

On several occasions each year… Easter, patron Catholic Saint festivities, new school year, Christmas, new year's day, carnival, rara and all other invented holidays are practical occasions for the Parliament or the government to water the elected officials with subsidies.

These large sums of money are usually given under the pretext that parliamentarians will use them to help poor constituents even if its without their consent or knowledge, and to finance small projects in the departments which elected them. Over the years, these payments have become a tool to buy out politicians so they can get their agenda through without any opposition.  

The Haitian Government has also so far this month given a check of nearly 15 million gourdes or $231.000 to each political party in the country. Out of the 57 parties operating in Haiti, some 46 have already withdrawn their funds from the Ministry of Economy and Finance.

Haitian government gives a check of nearly 15 million gourdes to each political party in the country

What could have been done with these millions?

There are hundreds if not thousands of more important things one can think of that would be more beneficial for the Haitian government to finance instead…

Teachers have been on strike for more than three months in some of the most impoverished neighborhoods in the country due to payment arrears, last month thousands of students took to the streets to demand the return of teachers to classroom. The police was dispatched to break the protest while the Ministry of education called on the teachers to be “conscious” and “patient”.

Protesting high school students and Haitian Police clashed in Cite Soleil

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