Haitian government has raised land denies ban on Dominican products

The Haitian government has quickly denied that it has reached an agreement to lift the ban of 23 Dominican products from entering Haiti by land, as was recently announced by the Dominican Foreign Minister, Miguel Vargas Maldonado, after his visit to Haiti.

A statement issued by the Haitian ambassador to the Dominican Republic, Idalbert Pierre Jean, states that the information that has come to light are a bit confused and needed some "corrections".

Following the official visit of the Dominican Foreign Minister to his Haitian counterpart in Port au Prince (Pierrot Delienne), on August 30, the Dominican Chancellor went back to his country and said that Port-au-Prince had agreed to  lift the impediment on these products. 

"During the bilateral meeting, no agreement has taken place in connection with the exercise of the interdiction of the 23 Dominican products. The fact is that these products can enter Haiti by sea, respecting the norms and customs codes, security as provided by the laws of the Republic of Haiti, " the embassy's note said.

 "the only prerequisite in normal commercial transactions between the two countries is the due payment of tariffs governing both international and regional trade." Continues the note

"The Embassy wishes to state that, as the Dominican authorities, Haitian authorities see with good eyes the course taken by the trade between the two countries and that there is no will for harmonious relations not follow."

Haiti has been caught in a trade wars with Dominican Republic since the early days of former president Michel Martelly in 2012, as Dominican products continues to flood Haitian market, at the disadvantage of Haitian made products. The false news of the lifting of the ban prompted several businesses in Haiti to condemn the move, while exhorting the government to take all necessary measures to support national production.