The Haitian government yesterday asked the United Nations Security Council not to reduce the number of UN troops in the country as the elections approach. The Haitian Minister of Justice made this request while the Security Council ambassadors visited the country's only police academy.

"I invite the Security Council not to reduce the number of MINUSTAH (United Nations Stabilization Mission in Haiti) during the election process. Rather, it is necessary to increase the quotas of the UN mission" , said the Justice Minister stressing that "in Haiti, as elsewhere, the election period is sometimes marked by tensions and unrest."

Asked about the request of the Haitian government, the President of the Security Council said it was "too early" to respond. Ambassador of the United States in the Security Council, Samantha Power, has in turn issued the finding that the Haiti National Police had increased its staff and improved the quality of his work in the field. "The National Police is the future of security in Haiti," she said.