After hours of negotiations, the Haitian government and members of public transport have found a new agreement on the price of gasoline at the pump. The price of gasoline has declined from 200 gourdes to 195 gourdes, diesel 167 gourdes to 157 gourdes and Kerosene 161-156 gourdes.

It is the Minister of Communication, Rothchild Francis Junior, accompanied by representatives of the unions, who announced the news of the Prime Minister at 0:05 in the morning to an audience of journalists. The two sides have announced the lifting of the strike, the second day was to be held on Tuesday. If for Rothchild Francis Junior lifted the strike is ultimately for trade unionists, it is temporary. Everything will depend on negotiations suites.

A committee will be formed, according to the spokesman of the government to follow up on the decisions that will facilitate the resumption of transport. The committee will be chaired by the Minister of Social Affairs and Labour, Victor Benoit, the Interior Minister, Ariel Henry, a representative of the Prime Minister and a representative of the Presidency.

Rothchild Francis Junior has also announced that the new prices will be effective next Friday at the pump to calibrate fuel prices at all pumps in the country. The Communications Minister said that the Haitian government will lose a lot of money with this new reduction of gasoline at the pump. For this, he announced that the government intends to rationalize its spending to offset the shortfall.

Spokesman for the Haitian land transport sector Anderson Jacques Desroches, the strike is temporarily lifted and trade unionists will continue to negotiate with the government. "We will continue negotiations until we succeed," he has said.

For his part, the President of the Association of Haiti drivers, Changeux Mehu, believes it is important to go back to the commission for the modernization of public transport in order to better control this often left to the state Haitian secto. "We will ask, as part of the negotiations, the formation of this commission that will allow us to have better control over the different variations that will know the price of gasoline."

Last Friday, the Minister of Economy and Finance, Wilson Laleau, had already announced lower prices of petroleum products. Gasoline had decreased from 215 to 200 gourdes, diesel 177-167 gourdes and kerosene from 171 to 161 gourdes.