The representative of Haiti to the UN, Denis Régis, pleaded yesterday during the presentation of the report of the Advisory Committee on Administrative and Budgetary Questions (ACABQ) to the Security Council on the need to maintain troops of United Nations Mission in Haiti (MINUSTAH) during the electoral process.

Ensuring that the process leading to the holding of elections is on, Régis emphasized the "vital role of MINUSTAH to support the Haitian authorities to establish a secure and stable environment, supporting institutions guaranteeing the rule of law and those responsible for enforcing the law. "

The Haitian diplomat said that the strength of the Mission, both military and civilian, must be maintained at levels sufficient to avoid any security vacuum that would result from a premature withdrawal. "It is important that these changes reflect not only progress but also current and future challenges, especially in connection with the electoral process," insisted Mr. Regis.

In his speech he recalled that the Haitian financial contribution of about $ 16 million.

Haiti's ambassador to the UN insisted that MINUSTAH "can concentrate the use of its resources, including civilian police, strengthening of security and protection during the election period, thereby ensuring preserving the gains made in establishing the conditions for lasting stability. "