The spotlight is on the upper Court as the elections approach. The former managers of public funds wanting to participate in elections await the verdict of the Court of Auditors on their management. It is in this context that the Council of the Court issued a major report on public expenditure in the 2013-2014 fiscal exercise. A report that reveals numerous irregularities in the management of public funds during the period.

In its report, the Superior Court of Auditors reviewed the projects launched by the Martelly-Lamothe government. The Court counts many projects that have remained unfinished and which could not be delivered on time. It cites the example of the viaduct construction project on the road to Delmas and Carrefour.

An advance of $13,950 millions from $30.22 million has already been made, to the Dominican company Estrella which executes the project. This project should have be en delivered to the Haitian state since July 2014. If the court recognizes that the construction of these overpasses will have positive effects on the lives of people in the metropolitan area, it wondered about the delays in construction of the Carrefour Viaduct.

"The Court has questions on the funds that have been advanced for the realization of the Carrefour viaduct that shows no traces of existence" you can read in the report of 248 pages. The facts found in the construction of the viaduct in Carrefour also apply to numbers of other sites. In many cases, the projects pain to advance, while the Haitian state had already disimbursed millions.

On the other hand, the report found that the Haitian government has not always apply the procedures in force to award contracts to foreign firms. "In fact, serious suspicions are raised to the analysis of contracts given to foreign firms, with three of them engaging in 68% of the contracts," the first gear ratio.

The law on procurement is, according to the Court of Auditors, raped under the cover of the law on state of emergency misused. Various abuses were observed in the distribution of contracts between, 'Haitian State and implementer.

Faced with this situation, the technicians of the CSCCA hold that the country's resources are used instead to .."kill the competitiveness, to stifle knowledge and discourage the development of competition, ignoring the competitive standards and not implementing any provision for serious strategic supervision."

"On this basis, these facilities are likely to disappear in the absence of economic and professional fabric called to maintain from an accumulated know-how," says the report. The country will certainly be with infrastructure necessary but leave him nothing makes development of public finances and dédenses related to the use of the PetroCaribe funds.

The Court's advisers, responding to reporters comments, also addressed the thorny issue of the discharge granted to former accountants of public funds. "The court maintains that it does not deliver a provisional discharge certificates, said the chairman of the board, Fritz Robert St Paul. That's not to say we do not deliver a clearance certificate, he said. The Court will have to issue clearance certificates when it judges the accounts of all the former accounting of public funds, "

The auditors of the Court of Auditors have enquté on the management of more than forty ministers. Currently commissions enqute WORKED management of Prime Minister Laurent Lamothe. We were at the Prime Minister, they were not ready, but one of the committees working on the management of Mr. Lamothe to the Ministry of Planning and External Coopeération ", said Fritz Roberrt St. Paul. The Court egalemet working on the management of the first ancients Ministers Jean Max Bellerive and Rosny Smarth.