Haitian cities declare former President, Michel Martelly," Persona non grata" for this year carnival due to his obscene and sexist performances

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Citizens in the cities of Jacmel (South-East) and Gonaïves (Department of Artibonite, North) take steps to prevent the possible participation of former Haitian President Michel Martelly,  with the artist name Sweet Micky, in the carnival festivities in their communities, Saturday, February 3 and Sunday, February 4, 2018.

Citizens of Gonaives declare Martelly "Persona non grata" for the second edition of the carnival in the city of independence, but also for all other musical performances that could be held there, in the future.

In a letter dated January 18, 2018, they urge the communal administration of Gonaives to prevent the participation of certain musical groups "of an immoral, irreverent nature".

Their remarks are contrary, they say, to the values ​​inculcated by the family, the spiritual and moral institutions to educate our children.

These bands do not honor the cultural ethics of Haitian music, they criticize.

Joined by AlterPresse online agency, Gonaïves mayor Neil Latortue said a meeting is scheduled for Tuesday, January 23, 2018, with protesters to discuss their grievances.

Martelly's Sweet Micky band is scheduled to perform on February 2, 2018. A spot is already in rotation regarding the participation of the latter in the 2nd edition of the carnival of independence in Gonaïves.

The press will be informed of the progress of negotiations and decisions, says Latortue.

Meanwhile, a collective was set up in Jacmel to prevent Martelly's participation in the national carnival scheduled for Sunday, February 4.

Martelly is known for his obscenities, his sexist attitudes and his misogynistic remarks.

If the municipal authorities ignore these denunciations, they will be attacked in court and accused of indecent assault, corruption of morals, incitement to violence and criminal conspiracy, warns the collective.

The initiatives of the citizens of Gonaives have strengthened the positions of other institutions in Jacmel, informs the director of Télé Express Jacques Jean Pierre.

Jacmel's feminist organization Fanm Deside and the Women's Rights Defense Network (Refedh) also oppose the presence of "Sweet Micky" at the carnival, he reports.

A petition to collect other signatures is currently circulating on social media.

A meeting is also scheduled on Wednesday, January 24 to decide on the issue, according to Jean Pierre.

If Martelly respects himself and is honest to himself, he will withdraw his participation, following the disapproval expressed by several sectors.

The mayor of Jacmel alone can not make the decision to prevent the participation of Sweet Micky, he acknowledges.

Contacted on this subject by AlterPresse, Fred Lizaire, a member of the carnival committee, said he was not aware of any provisions at committee level to prevent Sweet Micky's participation in the Carnival of Port-au-Prince.

In a statement dated January 20, 2018, the Ministry of Youth Sports and Civic Action (MJSAC) calls for healthy entertainment during the pre-carnival period started Sunday, January 14, 2018.

It invites the youth to resist any temptation during these moments of release and rejoicing "to indulge in the consumption of any substance that is detrimental to their mental and physical health".

The Carnival is scheduled from Sunday 11 to Tuesday 13 February 2018 in Port-au-Prince around the theme "Ayiti sou wout chanjman". (Haiti on the road to change)

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