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Haitian police and other security forces in Haiti are on high alert and are talking about a potential, well planned terrorist attack during or before the upcoming presidential elections, after Haitian port authorities discovered this past Thursday a large shipment of military-styles weapons, some 30.000 bullets, military uniforms as well as other gadgets, hidden in a truck shipped from Miami.  

Breaking News: 117 automatic weapons, 30.000 bullets from Miami, seized in Haiti

Haiti is a major hotspot for drugs and weapons trafficking in the Caribbean, and the seizure of weapons coming from the United States are not uncommon. But, the finding of military attires and gadgets suggest to investigators that troublemakers intended to disguise themselves as militaries and launch assaults on the population. Possibly during the elections.

While Haitian police in collaboration with american authorities continue to work together to identify those involved in the shipping of the truck to the Northern city of Saint Marc, many can't help but wondering if there are other shipments of mass-casualties weapons that police didn't find and have already made their way to their owners waiting to be used.

The rumors surrounding this finding, connecting it to the elections are expected to deepen the mistrust of the populace in the electoral process, thus diminish the already low level of participation.  

Haiti is expected to redo a first round presidential election October 9th, the first one held in October of last year was cancelled after numerous fraud allegations and violence that resulted, forced Haitian authorities to scrapped the entire process and start from scratch.