Haitian and Dominican authorities agreed to reopen Bi-national Market, following agreement behind closed door meeting

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(Haitian traders at the Binational Market)

The Haitian and Dominican authorities, after a long meeting on Thursday, April 12, have agreed to reopen the binational market that takes place on a strip on the Dominican side of the border every Monday and Friday, after more than a month of suspension. The market was closed due to tensions between the two neighbors following the murder of a Dominican couple blamed on two Haitian brothers who later fled to their homeland; In retaliation, the Dominicans living in Pedernales gave all Haitian residents a 24-hour ultimatum to leave the city or be forcibly evicted. Violence then broke out when the Dominicans began to attack Haitian nationals.

Dominican President declares emergency in Pedernales and dispatches troops to protect Haitians from threats of Domicans who want them out within 24hrs

The meeting, which lasted more than four hours, behind closed door, not in the presence of journalists, was attended by the Haitian mayor of Anse-a-Pitres, Harry Bruno and other authorities, while the Dominican side was composed of the consul in Anse-a-Pitres, Maximo Feliz Terrero; the consul in Belladere, Andres Bocio Fortuna and the Mayor of Pedernales, Luis Manuel Feliz Matos

Several important topics were discussed and many resolutions were adopted, including efforts to return to Haitian fishermen, boats and fishing equipments seized by the Dominican Navy in Cabo Rojo.  The Haitian side also requested greater flexibility for Haitian products to be admitted into the binational market for local consumption and for the Military in charge or repatriation of undocumented Haitian citizens to guarantee their safety.

The authorities of both nations also decided to create a special commission which will be made up of mayors from both side of the border to ensure the implementation of all that was agreed during the meeting and anything else that may come up in the future.

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The binational market was initially scheduled to open last Friday, but the Haitian Mayor of Anse-a-Pitres, boycotted the opening, a move which thousands of Haitians welcomed on social media.

Both Dominican and Haitian traders, always caught up in the middle of disputes between the Hispaniola's neighbors, applauded the move and hoped for better relations between Haiti and the Dominican Republic.

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