Haitian Ambassador to the US said that Haitian government is satisfied with the 6 months TPS extension

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Haitian ambassador to the United States, Paul Altidor, have told American officials that the current Haitian government is relatively satisfied with the short 6 months extension of the Temporary Protected Status, for more than 58.000 undocumented Haitian citizens who were granted the special status following a catastrophic earthquake in Haiti in 2010.

The comment of the Haitian ambassador which does not seem to be in line with those who will be facing deportation once the status is over, was also reported by the local Radio Tele Metropole, but that article was removed from their website a few hours after its publication.

USCIS Acting Director James McCament last month said that Haiti is no longer in crisis despite its poverty and recent devastations by natural disasters and recommended the end of the program.

However, he wanted to allow Haitians to stay in the country until January to give them time to sort out their affairs and leave voluntarily. If they had not done so by then, the executive could deport them.

The stated satisfaction of the Jovenel moise administration for the short 6 months extension of the TPS , will weaken the pleas of numerous american congressmen and women such as Senator Marco Rubio and Haitian American Mia Love, as well as many human rights advocates, Haitian americans among others, for the Trump administration to extend the humanitarian program for more than 6 months, because Haiti does not yet have the capacity to receive 58.000 deportees.

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