Haitian Ambassador to the United States, met with Congressman Jeff Duncan to discuss Venezuela and departure of MINUSTAH

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Thursday, Haitian Ambassador to the United States, Paul Altidor met with US Congressman Jeff Duncan, chairman of the Subcommittee on the Western Hemisphere to discuss the US- Haiti bilateral relationship, Venezuela, and the departure of MINUSTAH from Haiti among other topics.

"I am happy to have met with Chairman Duncan today to continue the longstanding practice of our open discourse between the Embassy and members of the US Congress,"
said Ambassador Altidor. "We, given our belief in upholding democratic principles, are encouraging the actors in Venezuela to engage in a dialogue to address and possibly resolve this political internal matter.  Haiti and other countries in the region, through the OAS and other avenues, can play a critical role in mediating this discussion, if and when necessary, without undermining Venezuela's sovereignty."  

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In addition to the topic of Venezuela, the departure of MINUSTAH was discussed, as well as a congressional delegation visit in the near future.  "I look forward to working closely with Chairman Duncan and other congressional leaders to facilitate a CODEL to Haiti.  These trips further strengthen the bond between our two nations and serve as an opportunity for members to meet with the recently elected Administration in Haiti, while assessing the nature of US efforts on the ground."

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