Haiti will soon increase Its minimum wage, will the workers get what they're asking for?

Posted by hougansydney.com on Monday, March 19, 2018 Under: Economy
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The Haitian government is slated, in the coming weeks, to publish a new minimum wage. According to Haitian legislation the adjustment of the minimum wage must be realized before May 1st.

The raising of the minimum wage in Haiti has always been a contentious affair, as economic  actors fear violence, since the minimum wage increase has never been to the full satisfaction of workers. President Moise warned last week, during his visit to one of the largest industrial parks in the country, that the minimum wage will not be doubling.

Workers demand at least a daily wage of 800 gourdes or the equivalent of about U$13. 

Haitian laws require a wage adjustment if inflation exceeds 10%, says Ms. Guerline Jean Louis, President of the Superior Council of Salaries, arguing that the adjustment is technical and not political.

The CSS Chair welcomes the involvement of the Head of State in attracting foreign investors. Last week, President Moses traveled with several Korean contractors to the National Industrial Park Company (Sonapi).

President Moïse has had several telephone conversations with the CSS Chair in recent weeks in view of the adjustment of the minimum wage. In addition, the Minister of Social Affairs had several working sessions with the advisers on the file.

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