Haiti will not issue apologies to the Dominican Republic after the escalation of the consulate of the neighboring state, this is what said Friday the Haitian Minister of Foreign Affairs, Dully Brutus. The chancellor, who criticizes the silence of the Dominican authorities dealing with violence against Haitian nationals on the other side of the border, says it was necessary for the Haitian government to raise the tone.

"For us, there is no question of an apology. A Haitian was killed, our flag was burned, there was no reaction from the Dominican authorities, said Foreign Minister who was speaking on the airwaves of Magik 9. We believe that there is often too much silence on the part of the Dominican government in relation to these acts. »

This does not prevent the leader of the Haitian diplomacy to again condemn the unfortunate acts perpetrated at the Dominican consulate Wednesday. "We condemn clearly the behavior of thugs in the note that we released Wednesday. As in the letter they sent us, I saw somewhere that they condemn the behavior of a small group in the Dominican Republic who had gone very far. "

The head of the Haitian diplomacy does not regret having typed the point on the table. "The bottom line is that we are raising the tone on the situation of Haitians in the Dominican Republic. Diplomacy has raised the tone, the Haitian people, through walking, raised their voices, too, insisted the Minister Brutus. It was important to demonstrate that Haitians are not willing to let taken advantage of. »

Mr. Brutus returned to his remarks on the correspondence exchanged by both governments in recent days. The Dominican government, through the voice of his chancellor, criticized the fact that the Haitian government talks about racism and xenophobia in the Dominican Republic.

In the response made by the Dominican authorities, they mostly feel that we were a bit too far. Talking xenophobic climate, according to them, is to extend the behavior of a few individuals to the entire Dom "Such was not the case, the minister continued.. "One of the points I raised after Wednesday's march is that the Haitian people had not protested against the Dominican people. We are demonstrating against a form of racism that is gaining ground in the Dominican Republic and we demand respect for the rights of Haitians. »

"In the letter we sent to the Dominican authorities, we first focused on a racist, xenophobic climate that continues to grow against the Haitian population. Second, we asked them to take all measures to ensure respect for the rights of Haitians living in the Dominican Republic ", said the minister.

Indeed, shortly after Wednesday's event, Haiti's Chancelery had released a note. In this note, the Haitian government has clearly condemned the behavior of a small group who climbed the wall of the Dominican Consulate, violating the territorial space of the neighboring republic.

"We tell them that this type of behavior is a behavior that is extremists and render no service to the Republic of Haiti, launched the minister to the people who violated the Haitian diplomatic space. This is not because some Dominicans thugs burned our flag, we must do the same. "

Further, the minister of foreign affairshas confirmed the changes made in the diplomatic staff abroad. The former Consul of Haiti in Santiago, Ralph Hyppolite, has indeed been pointed at the foreign ministry in Haiti. As for the ambassador Fritz Cinéas he should retire for some time. The ministry has simply accepted the resignation of Fritz Cinéas whose career in Haitian diplomacy.

"We're doing a remediation work at the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, this is not something easy. This is not an easy situation because today there are many people who receive a salary for the Department of Foreign Affairs without offering any service. The country can not afford to support so many people working outside. "

The Minister says that we must bring order in Haitian diplomacy. He also announced the closure of some embassies in the country and abroad. "From the months of June and July, there will be difficulties in paying salaries. It is my role as a minister to make these decisions to avoid that we have great difficulty in Foreign Affairs by June, "he said.