Haiti will host the 29th Inter-sessional meeting of CARICOM Heads of State and Government

Posted by MetropoleHaiti on Wednesday, February 21, 2018 Under: Diplomacy
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The 29th Inter-sessional meeting of CARICOM Heads of State and Government will be held in Haiti on 26 and 27 February. 150 foreigners will be represented in Haiti and already the authorities are ready to host this event.

Climate change, the region's vulnerability to natural disasters, security and tourism in the Caribbean are among the topics to be debated at this meeting, which will take place at the Marriott Hotel.

40 million gourdes, it is the budget provided by Haiti for the organization of this meeting, according to the Minister of Foreign Affairs who wants the country to take advantage of the visibility offered by this kind of activity.

Currently, Haiti is the rotating presidency of CARICOM and it is for this reason that the government is preparing to receive soon the representatives of the other 14 member states including a dozen heads of state and government in the country for the 29th inter-sessional meeting of the organization.

Haiti's CARICOM representative, Peterson Noel, explains that the estimated budget of 40 million gourdes will be used for the accommodation, catering and transportation of heads of state and government who will stay in Haiti for 5 days.

For his part, the Haitian Minister of Foreign Affairs Antonio Rodrigue said that this conference of Head of State and Government will also be an opportunity for Haiti to put forward his ideas including the integration of French as an official language of the CARICOM. According to the Chancellor, Jovenel Moïse wants this request to be approved.

Security, tourism, the region's vulnerability to natural disasters will be key points in the discussions that will be held from February 26 to 27 at the Marriott Hotel. As a last resort, the Minister Antonio Rodrigue indicated that the problem of free movement of people will be posed during these meetings.

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