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Haiti's Ministry of the Interior has announced that the border between Haiti and the Dominican Republic will be closed during upcoming Sunday's presidential election. The high level measure was adopted to allow Haitian security forces "more control of movement", confirmed Interior Minister Anick Joseph.

On the other hand the interim President of Haiti, Jocelerme Privert announced that Haiti was ready to hold the much anticipated redone presidential election. The underway election is taking place in the midst of great difficulties, Haiti was ravaged in October by a powerful Hurricane that killed nearly a thousand and left over 1.5 million in urgent humanitarian assistance; a resurgence of a cholera outbreak is still feared, although vaccine was recently provided to some 820.000 people. 

9.400 Haitian National Policeman and woman are chosen to provide security  on election day, with the assistance, if needed, of the UN peacekeepers already stationed in the country.

Sunday's ballot is historical for Haiti on many levels. It is the do-over of the October 2015 first round presidential's, which was annulled after numerous fraud allegations and postponed 5 times due to either violence or, as recently, due to the crisis left behind by Hurricane Matthew.