Haiti will assume full cost of election according to Prime minister

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Haitian Prime Minister Enex Jean Charles, announced that his government will assume the full cost of the next general elections scheduled for October 9, following the refusal of support, among others, the United States and the European Union, media local reported today.

"The government will pay for the elections. So far, we have the money available, the only thing that remains is administrative work to allow the full financing of elections," he said.

Enex Jean Charles recalled that the cost is $ 50 million (€ 45 million).

The elections held in 2015 and canceled by the Haitian executive this year were funded, among others by Brazil, Canada, the United States, Japan and the European Union.

The negative this year is the opposition of the international community in the creation of the Electoral Audit Commission who later found "serious irregularities" in the results of the 2015 elections that would make officials to invalidate the whole process and start over.

Thursday, July 7, the US government announced the "suspension" of electoral assistance to Haiti.

In his daily briefing, the spokesman for the State Department, John Kirby, said the US had decided to discontinue support for the completion of the electoral process in Haiti; and the Haitian authorities were informed on July 1

In 2015, the funds provided by Washington to help organize the elections were 33 millions.

"We had not planned to fund two election cycles in 2016 and 2017, according to the new calendar," said Kirby.

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